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How does news from outside news sources get in my email newsletter?

To create a newsletter, our news search engine constantly scans for new content from hundreds of Internet sources selecting articles relevant to the community. These sources include our own iReporter sections of the news website that feature community and BubbleLife contributed content.

Our editors are responsible for ensuring that our content sources are relevant and interesting for each community. Once sources are approved, news collection happens automatically. Each subscriber newsletter is custom generated and ranks stories based on their previous popularity so that the most viewed articles appear at the top of the newsletter. Because newsletters go out around the clock, two newsletters delivered just a few hours apart could have entirely different stories and story ordering based on previous searches and article views.

On the occasion our search engine picks up stories that lack community relevancy or contain incorrect information, our editors reevaluate the news source for its continued use. 

Our goal at BubbleLife is to deliver a high quality community news product that rounds up as much relevant content as our search engine can find. We welcome reader feedback and content suggestions that helps us meet these goals.

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