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Why was my article or event denied?

We want your story or event to be widely read in the community. To accomplish this, we take the time to review each story or event to make sure it meets some basic guidelines that help make it interesting to our readers. BubbleLife editors moderate all submissions, and requirements for publication are that stories be local, not overly promotional, and that community readers would want to read the post. 

The basic rule when submitting your article or event is "Is it interesting and useful to the community?" For more information, w
e've put together a guide to help you write a story that gets read. Here are the main tips:
  • Make it Newsworthy: Give your story an angle. Got an event coming up? Don’t just give readers the time and place — instead, add a story about the impact of last year’s gathering and what you expect from this year’s event.
  • Use Your Voice: Just writing facts and details in an article can be boring and uninteresting. Instead, use a conversational voice, like you’re telling the information to a friend. After all, you are writing for your neighbors!
  • Include Local People: People love to read about local people and what they are doing in their community. Feature a member of your organization or team and relate to the human interest.
  • Provide a Community Benefit: How will your information be beneficial to the neighborhood? Articles that provide answers or fill community needs are a great fit for BubbleLife.
  • Add Good Photographs: A good photograph gets your story read by more people because photos are memorable and engaging. Photographs should supplement an article’s message. Photographs can be featured in two ways: embedded into an article or placed in a gallery at the end of an article.
Many times great content gets turned down simply because it doesn't meet the test for local relevance. To help take your story and make it more local, Click here for 15 ways to localize a story.

To download the complete writing click, click the link below:

Download the BubbleLife Writing Guide
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