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How do I write a good classified ad?

Classified ads are a great way to connect to the community and get your word out. To get the most out your post, consider the following:
  • Write a great subject - This is the most important part since it is only thing that goes out in the community email newsletter. Make it as informative as possible. For example:
  • "Open house at 4600 Greenville, granite, hardwoods, 3 bedrooms, $299,000"
  • "Free appetizers during happy hour at Jeff's Pub, 5pm-7pm"
  • "Used Macbook Pro, 8gb memory, 320gb hard drive, great condition"
  • Include lots of details - Include as much information as you can and links to any other websites that provide more information. If you want to use a full editor, save your post and then edit it.
  • Include photos - Photos of open houses, restaurant interiors, items for sale always get better responses to your post.
  • Include a date and address - If appropriate, include the date and address of the event or where the item is available for purchase. A local address greatly improves results.
Before you post, give some thought about timing. New posts start going out in the newsletter just a few hours after posting and continue to go out for 24 hours. That means that if your event is 2 hours away, it won't reach someone in time. And, if your event is next month, then everyone will forget about before then. To ensure proper delivery, try to post 2-3 days before the scheduled event.

Remember, future events should be posted to the community calendar as well.

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