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Getting Started for Churches or Other Places of Worship

BubbleLife Connect helps you accomplish your goals by making your organization more effective online. Online participants are fragmented among various websites, social media places, email and other online hangouts. BubbleLife Connect helps you reach them no matter where they are. More importantly, Connect helps you reach the local contacts who are often the most difficult to reach online.
What do you want to do? How BubbleLife Connect helps you get it done.

Increase regular attendance

In order to increase attendance, you'll need to reach out to those who can best benefit from your message. You can attrach new attendees through a combination of both opportunity (here's what we offer) and a sense of missing out (here's the great stuff we're doing).

  1. To get the organization in front of Google, post an article about your organization or event complete with photos to your Connect site. (PR & Content - Post an article)
  2. To get your article in front of the community, distribute your article to local news sites.
  3. To get your article in front of your previous contacts and their friends and family, distribute your article via email and on all your social media accounts.

Estimated time: 15 minutes.

Get more people attending your events

In order to increase attendance, you’ll need to let more people know about the event and encourage them to pass the word along to friends and family.

  1. To get the event and your organization in front of Google, post the event to your Connect Site calendar. (PR & Content - Post an article)
  2. To get the word out to your contacts, schedule multiple event announcements on all your social media accounts. (Marketing - Post message to social media)
  3. To get free advertising for the event, post a classified ad on the community with the date, time and location. (Go to the community classifieds - Post classified)

Estimated time: 10 minutes

Build better relationships with the community, members and volunteers

In order to build stronger relationships, you'll need to stay in front of those who participate in your success with stories about your organization's projects, successes, staff and members.

  1. Raise your profile in the neighborhood by posting articles and distributing to (PR & Content - Post an article)
  2. Raise your profile on Google with additional articles and events on your Connect site. (PR & Content - Post an article, Post an event)
  3. Raise your profile with previous contacts by distributing those articles through email and social media.
  4. Build your influence by adding new contacts to your email list and encouraging people to follow your social media accounts. (Marketing - Import new members)
  5. Raise your profile with consistent local advertising. (Starting at $99/month)

Estimated time: 30-90 minutes

Article Ideas

Here are some article ideas you can use as starting points to raise your profile in the community.

  • Insights into community events.
  • Insights into living better in the community.
  • Profiles of people or families affected by your organization.
  • Profiles of active volunteers.
  • Photos of projects or celebrations.

If you need help writing, BubbleLife also provides a list of BubbleLife Connect Certified Consultants who can help you plan and write content that gets you noticed.

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