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What are the Best of BubbleLife surveys?

The Best of BubbleLife is your chance to tell others what makes your community special. Unlike other "Best of" surveys that attempt to capture a city consensus, we want to know what's special to you and your neighbors about where you live.

We're not looking for what people in Frisco think is best about Grapevine. We're looking for what people in Frisco think is best about Frisco and what people in Grapevine think is best about Grapevine. And, we'll do this for each of 60 D/FW communities that BubbleLife supports. Then, we'll share this with other communities so they will know what makes your's special.

How it Works
Each week we'll put a new survey question out in our daily newsletters and local news sites. Everyone has the chance to nominate their own choice or vote for someone else's. You can also encourage your friends to join in. And, if you live in one community and work in another, please feel free to vote in multiple communities.

Each week we'll summarize the results and launch the next survey.

Survey Results
Look for the "Best Of" menu choice just underneath the site heading to see all the previous and upcoming results. You can easily switch between communities to see the favorites in other places. 

Please note, your support login is different from your BubbleLife login. You will need to register here separately.

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