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How can I integrate BubbleLife Connect with my website?

BubbleLife Connect is the natural add-on for any website. It can help you:
  1. Capture and track leads including both email and phone leads
  2. Add a blog, calendar, surveys or special offers that don't require a web designer to update
  3. Add mobile capabilities to your website so it always looks good on smartphones
  4. Monitor your website's performance and alert you if it goes offline
  5. Analyze your website to see how Google sees your website
  6. Integrate Google Analytics tracking so you can see how your marketing affects your website visitors
And lastly, for those who don't have a website, BubbleLife Connect gives you a best practices website that can be up in minutes. It can even be accessed using your own custom web address.

Best of all, except for phone call tracking, it's all free.

Making Your Website Work Better

Click below for details to setup each feature:
  1. Adding an email sign up form to your website
  2. Adding your BubbleLife Connect blog to your website
  3. Posting to your WordPress blog from BubbleLife Connect
  4. Adding a contact us tracking form to your website
  5. Tracking leads from an existing website contact form
  6. Adding a Take our Survey to your website
  7. Tracking phone calls that come from your website
  8. Adding your BubbleLife Connect calendar to your website
  9. Tracking a page or a particular article on your website
  10. Creating a landing page for a special offer
  11. Making your website mobile-ready for smartphones
  12. Analyzing your website to see what Google sees
  13. Monitoring your website and getting notices when it's offline
  14. Integrating Google Analytics into your BubbleLife Connect reporting

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