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How do I analyze my website using BubbleLife Connect?

A website can look good to visitors but not look good to Google. While visitors see layout and design, Google sees text. To help you see what Google sees when it looks at your website, BubbleLife Connect includes a website analysis tool to help you look at your website the way Google does. To analyze your website:
  1. Go to your Tools page.
  2. Under Websites, click the "Analyze my website" link.
  3. Enter your website URL and press Submit.
After a 10-30 seconds, a report is presented with the results.

Reading the Report

Here's a quick recap of some of the information presented:
  • Title - Shown as the top link in a Google search.
  • Description - Shown as the description in a Google search.
  • Meta Tags - Used by various browsers and 3rd party sites. Look for special Facebook tags that help with sharing your site.
  • Google Page Rank - The higher the number the better, but a page rank of 0-1 is not unusual. This is the quality score tied to your website based on how many quality links it has back from other sites among many other factors.
  • Most Common Words - This is a simple text analysis of your website to show you how many times words occur. For best results the top 10 highest frequency words should relate to your business and ideally what others may search to find your business. Potential misspellings are highlighted in red.

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