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How do I create a survey?

Surveys are an easy way to get feedback from customers or group members and are useful for:
  • Following up after a store visit or service call
  • Getting feedback for future promotions or product lines
  • Voting for the best time or location for a special event
  • Assessing donor and volunteer interest in particular non-profit efforts
BubbleLife Connect makes it easy to create and distribute surveys and review the results, giving you lots of options for the questions and how the survey results are shown or distributed. To create a survey:
  1. Go to your Tools page.
  2. Under Surveys, click on the link "Manage my surveys".
  3. Click on the button "New Survey" on the right side of the page.
  4. Fill in your survey details and add your questions. Click on the preview link at the top of the page to preview your survey. Click on the Submit button to save your survey.
Experiment with the survey to get it to look and work the way you want. Then, you can either send the survey link to someone to answer or add it your website for anyone to answer.

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