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How do I distribute an article from BubbleLife Connect to my WordPress blog?

BubbleLife Connect reduces the number of steps needed to get your article to all the places it needs to go including to social media, email and to your website. If your website runs on WordPress, you can even post directly to your blog during the same distribution step you use for distributing to social media and email. To distribute to your WordPress blog:
  1. Go to your Tools page.
  2. Under Setup, click on the link "Link social and web accounts".
  3. Click on the "Add WordPress" button and enter your WordPress login information. The user log in you use here will be shown as the author of the article. If you need different authors for different articles, simply setup multiple accounts.
Now, after you save an article, your distribution step will include an option to distribute to WordPress. As an added benefit, articles you post through this method also include an external tracking link so that you can see how many views the article gets. To see your article views:
  1. Go to your Tools page.
  2. Under Content, click on the "Track external articles" link. Here you will see all articles you've distributed to WordPress along with their recent view counts.
Please note, your support login is different from your BubbleLife login. You will need to register here separately.

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