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How do I track an article on another website?

Articles or events that you post through BubbleLife Connect get tracked so that you can see how many people view or read them. But what about your content that gets posted on other websites? With BubbleLife Connect, you can track these posts as well. To track this content:
  1. Go to your Tools page.
  2. Under Content, click the "Track external content" link.
  3. Click the "Add Tracking" button on the right side of the page.
  4. Add the details of the article you want to track and assign an author. Press the "Submit" button to save.
  5. Insert the full URL of the tracking image shown ( in your article. If you need the complete HTML, reopen the tracking item you just saved to see the HTML code to add your article. Add this HTML to your article.
The tracking image is a small clear image that won't show in your article, but will track the article's views.
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