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How do I make my story local?

In order for a story to be published on a BubbleLIfe news site, it most be relevant and related to the community. Sometimes good content gets denied because its audience is too broad or the article doesn't mention anything local. In order to make your story more "local", here are 15 useful tips:

1. Mention the Local City
"In Plano, home prices are increasing faster than the national average…"
2. Mention the Local Region
"The business environment in North Texas is stronger than…"
3. Mention a Local Resident
"Susan Smith, a thirty-year Plano resident, faced a dilemma when remodeling her home…"
4. Quote a Local Resident
"I have 10 pairs of reading glasses,” said Patrick Park, an Allen resident..."
5. Mention a Local Place
"Shopping has never been better in Southlake Town Square…"
6. Mention a Local Event
"This year’s Grapefest is expected to be hot…"
7. Mention a Local Issue
"The cracks in Allen High School’s new football stadium have gotten everyone thinking about construction…"
8. Mention a Local Election
"The one thing the candidates running for Richardson’s city council all have in common is…"
9. Mention a Local School
"The parents at West Elementary School have all banded together to…"
10. Mention a Local Street or Address
"All along Southlake Boulevard, businesses are…"
11. Reference the Local Weather
"Unseasonably dry conditions in Keller…"
12. Mention a Local Sports Team
"Coppell High School’s undefeated football team proves the point that…"
13. Mention a Local Organization
"Just like the Coppell Lion’s Club…"
14. Mention a Local Business
"Local optometrist, Peter Gabriel, was just recognized as…"

15. Mention a Local Landmark
"Just behind Lakewood Theater…"
And remember to always include local photos to make your story stand-out and invite local readership.

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