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How to write a seven sentence article about your business

One of the best ways to generate "digital word of mouth" about your business is by creating interesting online content that can be shared.

One way to do this is by publishing articles on BubbleLife and then sharing the articles on your social media pages and sending them to your email contacts.

You don't have to be a "writer" to get an article published on BubbleLife. In fact, an article can be as short as seven sentences, and there is a simple template you can use to structure the article.

First, let's discuss article ideas. Your article should not be a blatant sales piece about your business. Instead, it should be newsworthy or informative, which readers will want to share with friends. You can do this by providing tips about your business's space; if you are a realtor, you could publish an article about five tips for selling your home.

Now, here is a simple template you can use to structure your articles:
  • One-sentence opening paragraph that mentions your region and the article topic
  • Five one-sentence bullet point tips
  • One-sentence conclusion with all of your contact information
Let's fill out the template using the realtor example from above:

Five Quick Tips to Sell Your Garland Home

Just like summer in North Texas, the real estate market in Garland is hot right now, and the following five tips will help get your home sold quickly.

  1. Do Yard Work: First impressions count, so make sure your lawn is looking great!
  2. Remove Personal Items: When potential buyers visit, they should get the feeling that they are walking into their next home, which can be difficult if they are surrounded by pictures of your family.
  3. Pick Up the Clutter: Make sure your house doesn't appear to be cluttered, especially in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.
  4. Clean, Clean, Clean: Homes in Garland can get dusty quickly, so make sure to spend time getting your home in tip-top shape before showing it off.
  5. Repaint and Rearrange: Make sure to give stale walls a fresh coat of new paint and rearrange furniture to maximize all of the rooms in your house.
If you need some additional help to get your home sold quickly, don't hesitate to contact Matt Cobb with Matt Cobb Realtors at or by phone at 777-777-7777 or by visiting

By publishing an informational article, like the one above, that includes contact information, you are showing readers that you are very knowledgeable in your field and they should get in touch with you for additional assistance.

When it comes to writing an article about your business, think of it as you are penning a letter to a friend who came to you for some quick advice about what you know best. After your article gets published on BubbleLife, always make sure to share it with your social media pages and email contacts so you can get in front of as many people as possible.
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