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What are the column titles on the contact import screen?

The contact import screen gives you a summary of activity of your contact import jobs. The columns at the top are explained below:
  • Uploaded - Date file was imported.
  • Execution Status - Status of import. After an upload, jobs showing Waiting until executed by the system.
  • Welcome Message - Whether a welcome message was sent to new contacts.
  • Comment - The source comment entered at the time of upload.
  • Estimated - The estimated number of email addresses in the file.
The following columns are valid only after an import job has executed.
  • Actual - The actual number of email addresses in the file.
  • New - The number of new contacts added to the file.
  • Existing - The number of contacts already in the database.
  • Invalid - The number of invalid email addresses contained in the import file.
  • Opted-Out - The number of contacts in the upload file who have previously opted-out of your email list.
  • Bounced - The number of email addresses that appear to be invalid (only non-zero if welcome message is sent).

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