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How do I use Lead Capture in BubbleLife Connect?

These links help you to manage incoming leads from your BubbleLife Connect site, your website and landing pages and keep track of your leads for follow-up. In addition, you’ll have the option to optimize your website for mobile users.

  • View leads — View and manage new leads and track where they came from. 
  • Review phone calls — If you have a tracking phone number set up, manage and listen to incoming phone leads.
  • Import leads — Import existing leads from other sources to manage through BubbleLife Connect.
  • View website activity — Review website activity including page views, keywords and referral websites.
  • View Adwords activity — Monitor impressions and clicks from your Adwords account.
  • Analyze my website — Generate a report to see how your website compares to best practices.
  • Monitor my website — Have BubbleLife Connect monitor your website in case of malfunction.
Landing Pages
  • Manage landing pages — Create and manage landing pages for promotions and offers.
  • Manage registration pages — Create and manage customer registration pages for upcoming events.
Mobile Website
  • Change mobile site settings — Update the mobile version of your website.
  • Get mobile website script — Get the information needed to optimize your website for users on a mobile device.
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