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How do I use Marketing in BubbleLife Connect?

In BubbleLife Connect’s Marketing section, you’ll have the ability to market to users through email, social media and text messaging. Here, you’ll manage your contacts, create and send emails, post to your social media sites and set up email tracks for repeated, scheduled marketing to a specific audience.

  • View contacts — View, manage and score all of your email contacts.
  • Import contacts — Import your email contacts to your BubbleLife Connect site.
  • Invite subscribers — Invite users to subscribe to your BubbleLife Connect site.
  • Get links for my website — Find HTML to include signup form, contact us form and signup button on your website.
Email Messaging
  • Create a new email — Create an email to send to your subscribers.
  • Manage email images — Upload images to be included in your emails.
  • View draft & scheduled emails — See a list of non-published drafts and scheduled emails.
  • Manage email templates — Create and manage custom templates for your emails.
  • View send history — View sent emails and track open rate, clicks and unsubscribes.
  • View recent activity — See actions performed by each subscriber who opened your email.
Social Media
  • Post to social media — Post directly to your social media sites from BubbleLife Connect.
  • View scheduled messages — View a list of all scheduled social media posts.
  • View send history — View all social media posts sent through BubbleLife Connect.
  • View social media activity — Track how many social media followers you have gained or lost over a specified time period.
Text Messaging
  • Schedule a text message — Create a message to be sent to your text message subscribers.
  • View scheduled texts — View a list of text messages to be sent to subscribers in the future.
  • Manage subscriber lists — Update your list of text message subscribers.
  • View send history — View and track sent text messages.
Lead Nurturing
  • Manage email tracks — Create and customize email tracks to repeatedly market to a specific audience.
  • Manage text message tracks — Create and customize text messaging tracks to repeatedly market to a specific audience.
  • Manage my surveys — Create and manage surveys to send to your subscribers.
  • Send a survey — Send a survey to your email subscribers.
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