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How do I write a good text ad to advertise my business?

A text ad acts as a miniature article for your business in BubbleLife’s daily newsletter and homepage, designed to make a viewer take action by clicking the link or calling your phone number. 

HEADLINE: 40 character headline (spaces included)

Make sure to write a content-centric, catchy headline that will draw viewers’ attention.

Good: “Combining Medicine Helps Manage Pain”
Bad: “Call Architect John Smith”

PARAGRAPH: 40 word maximum

For the body of the text ad, include useful, interesting information. However, refrain from offering too much information, as you’re looking for the viewer to find out more by clicking the link to your website or landing page. Include a strong call to action to incentivize viewers to click the link provided.

Make sure the ad links to your website or a landing page with a lead capture form to collect visitor information for follow-up.

See the following examples of good text ads:

Combining Medicine Helps Manage Pain
For pain management, the Kotsanis Institute combines traditional and functional medicine with nutrition.
Click here to learn how to make your pain go away.

More Mosquito Pools Testing Positive West Nile Virus is in Dallas
It's time to do everything to protect your property. PestFix is offering 3 months of QuickNix Mosquito Yard Fogging and Granular Treatment service with a 72 hour “rain check” for only $150.00. Click or call for more details. 972-331-5356
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