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Do I have a Startup Checklist for my BubbleLife Connect set up?

Yes, on your BubbleLife Connect account, you have a step by step CheckList and we strongly suggest that you follow our guidelines.  

BubbleLife Connect has been designed specifically to help local businesses streamline their marketing efforts to attract local customers and keep them once you attract them.  For a local business using BubbleLife Connect, there is no need to bounce back and forth to multiple marketing platforms.  Everything and more, is at your fingertips under one login with insights to see how everything is working together.   

If you are fortunate enough to be in our BubbleLife Local News Network (Dallas, Houston and expanding), BubbleLife Connect provides access to a local audience.  No other marketing solution can say that! 

Let's Get Started
  • Go to and log in at the top right. 
  • Don’t remember your password? Click the “Forgot Password” option at login. 
  • Once logged in:Click your email address on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Look under SITES and click on yours.
Typically, at your first login, you will land on your “Tools” page and there may be an overlay pointing you to look for your checklist.  
  • Look for it, it is a green button that says "YOUR CHECKLIST" and click on it.
If you went straight to your public online directory listing, just click on the "Tools" link at the top left next to the BubbleLife logo.
  • Notice you can bounce back and forth.
  • The "Tools" link on the directory page, places you in your "marketing back office with your all of your tools." 
  • The "View" link on your tools page, takes you to your public online directory
  • Look for the green button that says "YOUR CHECKLIST" and click on it.

Don't have time? We have white glove set up and training for a one time fee of $500

Really don't have time?  Call us at 214 233-0740 and we will put you in touch with a BubbleLife Connect Certified Consultant.  In addition to local marketing expertise and writing content, they are trained on every feature of BubbleLife Connect.   
Please note, your support login is different from your BubbleLife login. You will need to register here separately.

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