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How to do I change my text ad?

The text is very easy to change and you can easily do it yourself.

Be aware that once you post a new ad to us, it turns off your other text ads until we approve your new ad.  We camp on our email so this should not be an issue but it you do this in the middle of the night, it may not get approved until morning!

  • Go to and log in at the top right. 
  • Don’t remember your password? Click the “Forgot Password” option at login. 
  • Once logged in:Click your email address on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Look under SITES and click on yours.
Make sure you are on your BubbleLife Connect Tools Page
  • Under PR & Campaigns, click on Advertising
  • Click "Review my ad campaign"
  • Click on your current campaign
To edit your ad: 
  • Click on your ad and edit it
  • Remember to click Save.
To create a new ad:
  • Click "Create Ad" at the top right
  • Read the descriptions beside every area for input.
  • Make sure your title is 40 Characters and that includes spaces
  • Make sure ad type is selected as Text Ad
  • Make sure Action is URL
  • Your Description can only be 40 words.  It will get denied on our end if it is over.
  • Do not change display days
  • Do not change ad weighting
  • Click Save to Submit
Note:  If you want to copy from another ad, you can click the drop down box on the right that says "copy from"
  • Remember to watch your reporting title and title because by default - it writes "copy" in the box.  You will want to removed that.

Please note, your support login is different from your BubbleLife login. You will need to register here separately.

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