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How do I delete one of my tracking phone numbers?

Go to and login at the top right.  
  1. Once logged in, click on your email address on the upper-right corner of the page.
  2. Under "Sites," click on your site or the one you set up for your client. (This will take you to your Public Online Connect page)
  3. Under "Tasks", click on "Tools."  (This will take you to the control center of your BubbleLife Connect account)
On the left side, look under "Lead Capture" and click "Leads"
  • Under "Phone Calls" click on "Manage phone numbers"
  • To see phone numbers (your public tracking phone number and the destination number) click "phone numbers" in the gray menu bar.  
  • The main menu will give you an overview of number of calls, and if they are being recorded.
  • To delete, click the blue check on the right side.
  • On the right, look for the blue link that says "Release for Reuse"
Remember, once you release the number it is no longer assigned to you. 
Please note, your support login is different from your BubbleLife login. You will need to register here separately.

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