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  1. BubbleLife Connect overview

  2. Can I change the time I get the newsletter?

  3. Can I comment on surveys?

  4. Can I connect more than one Twitter or Facebook account?

  5. Can I submit anonymously?

  6. Do I have a Startup Checklist for my BubbleLife Connect set up?

  7. Do I have to connect my personal Facebook account in BubbleLife Connect?

  8. Getting Started for Architects, Home Builders or Contractors

  9. Getting Started for Attorneys

  10. Getting Started for Churches or Other Places of Worship

  11. Getting Started for CPAs or Financial Advisors

  12. Getting Started for Doctors or Dentists

  13. Getting Started for Emergency Care Centers

  14. Getting Started for Fitness Centers or Trainers

  15. Getting Started for Insurance Agents

  16. Getting Started for Lawn, Tree or Pool Service Firms

  17. Getting Started for Local Organizations or Non-Profits

  18. Getting Started for Media Agencies

  19. Getting Started for Photographers

  20. Getting Started for Private Schools

  21. Getting Started for Psychiatrists, Psychologists or Counselors

  22. Getting Started for PTAs

  23. Getting Started for Realtors

  24. Getting Started for Restaurants or Coffee Shops

  25. Getting Started for Retailers

  26. Getting Started for Spas and Med-Spas

  27. Getting Started for Tutors or Study Centers

  28. How can I integrate BubbleLife Connect with my website?

  29. How can I post to multiple BubbleLife communities?

  30. How do I add a Contact Us form to my website?

  31. How do I add a signup form to my website?

  32. How do I add an admin to my Connect site?

  33. How do I add my BubbleLife Connect blog to my website?

  34. How do I add my BubbleLife Connect calendar to my website?

  35. How do I add my listing to multiple BubbleLife community directories?

  36. How do I analyze my website using BubbleLife Connect?

  37. How do I automatically database my website leads into BubbleLife Connect?

  38. How do I become a "verified" user?

  39. How do I change my Connect site's home community?

  40. How do I change my email address?

  41. How do I change my password?

  42. How do I change my profile picture?

  43. How do I change the directory category on my Connect site?

  44. How do I confirm that my article or event was published?

  45. How do I confirm that my article or event was published?

  46. How do I connect Facebook to automate posts from BubbleLife Connect?

  47. How do I connect my Social Media accounts to automate posts from BubbleLife Connect?

  48. How do I connect my social media accounts?

  49. How do I contact the editor or publisher?

  50. How do I create a landing page?

  51. How do I create a mobile website?

  52. How do I create a survey?

  53. How do I create an automatic signature for my article posts?

  54. How do I delete a BubbleLife Connect site?

  55. How do I delete an admin on my Connect site?

  56. How do I delete more than one contact or lead at a time?

  57. How do I delete one of my tracking phone numbers?

  58. How do I distribute an article from BubbleLife Connect to my WordPress blog?

  59. How do I edit my article or calendar event once it’s been published?

  60. How do I edit my profile?

  61. How do I edit or remove my classifed ad?

  62. How do I edit/update my Connect site's information?

  63. How do I find my 24/7 community news website?

  64. How do I find my community news website ?

  65. How do I get free visibility in the daily email newsletter for my homes for sale or open houses?

  66. How do I get inquires from my website contact form into BubbleLife Connect?

  67. How do I get my blog featured on BubbleLife?

  68. How do I get my news listed as a featured article with photo in the email newsletter?

  69. How do I import my email contacts?

  70. How do I import my emails into BubbleLife Connect?

  71. How do I import new contacts or leads if my data doesn't have separate first and last name fields?

  72. How do I improve the numbers in my Insights report?

  73. How do I include videos in my emails?

  74. How do I integrate Google Analytics reporting?

  75. How do I invite others to get the BubbleLife Email Newsletter?

  76. How do I make my story local?

  77. How do I make someone an admin on my BubbleLife Connect Account?

  78. How do I monitor my website?

  79. How do I optimize my Connect site for search engines?

  80. How do I oversee and manage my tracking phone numbers?

  81. How do I point my domain to my Connect site?

  82. How do I post a calendar event about my business?

  83. How do I post a calendar event using my BUBBLELIFE CONNECT account for my business or organization?

  84. How do I post a free classified ad?

  85. How do I post a free classified ad?

  86. How do I post a free community classified ad for my open house?

  87. How do I post a free community classified ad for the home I just listed?

  88. How do I post an article about my business or group?

  89. How do I post an article using my BUBBLELIFE CONNECT account for my business or organization?

  90. How do I post to my social media accounts through BubbleLife Connect?

  91. How do I see all my published articles and calendar events?

  92. How do I see my BubbleLife advertising stats?

  93. How do I see or get copies of my invoices?

  94. How do I see the articles and events that I have published on BubbleLife?

  95. How do I set up a PayPal account for my business?

  96. How do I set up stats and reporting for my social media accounts?

  97. How do I share my news on BubbleLife?

  98. How do I submit a free announcement to one community?

  99. How do I submit a free calendar event to one community?

  100. How do I track an article on another website?

  101. How do I track leads on my WordPress website?

  102. How do I track phone calls that come from my website?

  103. How do I track the total number of views on my post, article or calendar event?

  104. How do I track web leads?

  105. How do I turn OFF one of my text ads?

  106. How do I turn off the Weekly Insights Reporting?

  107. How do I unsubscribe?

  108. How do I use Campaigns in BubbleLife Connect?

  109. How do I use Connect for my business?

  110. How do I use Lead Capture in BubbleLife Connect?

  111. How do I use Marketing in BubbleLife Connect?

  112. How do I use PR & Content in BubbleLife Connect?

  113. How do I use Settings in BubbleLife Connect?

  114. How do I use the email templates?

  115. How do I write a good classified ad?

  116. How do I write a good subject to increase readership?

  117. How do I write a good text ad to advertise my business?

  118. How does HIPAA affect marketing?

  119. How does news from outside news sources get in my email newsletter?

  120. How is contact scoring calculated?

  121. How much does it cost to post about my real estate listings?

  122. How to do I change my text ad?

  123. How to write a seven sentence article about your business

  124. I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

  125. If my blog is featured on BubbleLife, why am I'm not showing any traffic?

  126. Realtors may post open houses as free classified ads

  127. Using my BubbleLife Connect account: How do I post an announcement of your new real estate listing or open house?

  128. Using my BubbleLife Connect account: How do I post my open house on the community calendar?

  129. What are my options for posting to one community or multiple communities?

  130. What are the advantages of using WordPress?

  131. What are the Best of BubbleLife surveys?

  132. What are the column titles on the contact import screen?

  133. What are the rules to post about my real estate listings?

  134. What are your policies for free contributions?

  135. What categories are available for my listing?

  136. What do the Trending and Hot Topic labels mean on articles?

  137. What information do I need for my ad?

  138. What is the difference between leads and contacts?

  139. What's the difference between Calendar and the Classifieds?

  140. Who are my top leads from the email I sent?

  141. Who read my email?

  142. Why can't I delete an administrator from my BubbleLife Connect site?

  143. Why can't my user access their custom dashboard?

  144. Why did BubbleLife website monitoring tell me my website was down if it's still live?

  145. Why didn't my calendar event show up in the newsletter?

  146. Why does my calendar event not show up in the newsletter on the day of the event?

  147. Why does my LinkedIn account expire?

  148. Why does my newsletter contain news that is no longer relevant?

  149. Why doesn't my Adwords data show up?

  150. Why doesn't my Facebook box display on my Connect Site?

  151. Why every real estate agent should have a BubbleLife Connect account

  152. Why is my address required?

  153. Why was my article or event denied?

  154. Why was my classified ad denied?

  155. Why was my email address unsubscribed?

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